“Normal, Human Infant Sleep”

This is a great mini-series on infant sleep! (There are also some very good articles recommended at the end of the article, “Posts in Sleep Series”.)

“Infant sleep problems represent some of the most common concerns reported by parents of young children. Ask any new parent and most will complain about lack of sleep. Many will also be worried that what they are experiencing isn’t “normal” and believe that their child has a problem that needs fixing. So they search books, ask friends and family or even their doctors about what to do about a child’s problematic sleep patterns. And to top it off, they feel immense anxiety and worry about them.”

“Part of the epidemic of parental angst about children’s sleep is that we live in a culture in which parents are repeatedly told that they need to worry about their child’s sleep, that there will be dire consequences if their child doesn’t get enough sleep. Another problem is that most new parents, having had little experience with children prior to having their own, have little awareness about what truly is “normal” when it comes to infant sleep.”

“Simply being made aware of normal sleep patterns can help alleviate the stress and anxiety parents feel, leading to happier times for the entire family.”

“So what is normal?…”

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Awesome Blog by a Breastfeeding Transman

This man is an inspiration to me! Read on to hear the first part of his amazing story! (And then click the link to read more 🙂 )

“Near the end of my pregnancy, I went to my first breastfeeding support meeting, facilitated by La Leche League. I was excited at the opportunity to learn, and terribly nervous in a room full of strangers – I was a guy at a women-only peer-to-peer help group. La Leche League is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and educating women who want to breastfeed. When it came to be my turn to speak, I gave my carefully prepared spiel: “My name is Trevor and I am able to be pregnant because I am transgender. This means that I was born female but transitioned to male by taking hormones and having chest surgery. When my partner and I decided to start a family, we got advice from my doctors and I stopped taking my testosterone. My baby is due in April. Because my surgery removed most of my breast tissue, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to breastfeed, but I really want to try.”

“With my face bright red and my palms sweating, I looked up to see many of the women in the room nodding their heads and smiling at me….”

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“Living by Grace”

“Life can get very busy these days. Everyone is on the GO and moving at the speed of technology. In this hurried life, at times, it’s easy to forget that God’s grace is what makes this life even possible. God’s Grace is what allows us to breathe, laugh, love and flourish day-to-day.

“What are some ways that you might be able to bring God back to the forefront of your thinking and your day?…”

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“God Shaped Hole”

“We are all created with a deep thirst for God in our hearts, an empty longing that only God can satisfy. We try to quench that thirst with so many things–significance, success, comfort, peace, wisdom, and even relationships.

“But all these things, however good, cannot meet our deepest needs. We often drink deeply at these wells and fountains, coming away with a thirst even deeper than before…”

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Shabbat – A Day of Rest

We need rest for our health, and we will break down if we have no rest. So many of us are rushing constantly 24/7. There’s always so much to do and we have a hard time finding any time for quiet, for family, for the things that really matter in life. What we need is a special day specifically for laying aside all the stress of the week and finding the refreshment that we all need.

There are many people of various faith backgrounds that have returned to celebrating Shabbat, the 7th day Sabbath. I think the following article from a Jewish website did a beautiful job of celebrating the joy of the Sabbath 😀

“Shabbat is an island in time, a day of rest in the rush of activity that engulfs the other six days of the weekly cycle. For 25 hours — from sundown Friday evening to nightfall Saturday night — we cease all creative involvement with our surroundings, transcend the worries and struggles of our daily existence, and enjoy the divine tranquility of G-d’s day of rest…”

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