Shabbat – A Day of Rest

We need rest for our health, and we will break down if we have no rest. So many of us are rushing constantly 24/7. There’s always so much to do and we have a hard time finding any time for quiet, for family, for the things that really matter in life. What we need is a special day specifically for laying aside all the stress of the week and finding the refreshment that we all need.

There are many people of various faith backgrounds that have returned to celebrating Shabbat, the 7th day Sabbath. I think the following article from a Jewish website did a beautiful job of celebrating the joy of the Sabbath 😀

“Shabbat is an island in time, a day of rest in the rush of activity that engulfs the other six days of the weekly cycle. For 25 hours — from sundown Friday evening to nightfall Saturday night — we cease all creative involvement with our surroundings, transcend the worries and struggles of our daily existence, and enjoy the divine tranquility of G-d’s day of rest…”

Click the link below to read more…

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